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We started this blog for our family and friends to follow alongside  us on our journey, but for those who've stumbled across this page... Hello!                                                       


We're Graham and Jane and our story goes something like this:

We met in NYC and quickly fell in love with each other, but simultaneously fell out of love with our respective careers. For so many reasons and at the same time for no reason at all, asking ourselves "why not?", we decided to take off for 18 months to explore this beautiful world and the people who live in it.

Thanks for moving along with us on this journey, through what is planned and all the unplanned that is sure to come.  Welcome to our great affair!

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And so it begins!

June 9, 2018

The 2018-2019 G&J World Tour kicked off on May 24th with a 2-week cruise aboard the Norwegian Jade, where we made pitstops in Norway, Iceland and Scotland (posts on these gems to follow).  It was a week of firsts: Graham celebrated the Capitals' first Stanley Cup win and I celebrated surviving my first cruise. While the average age of my fellow cruisers was around 70 years old, they outdid me: they partied harder, stayed up longer and consistently beat me to the front of the buffet line. I forgot to pack my A-game.  Next time, Senior Citizens of the world, next time. 


As we said goodbye to all-you-can-eat, daily housekeeping and free Sudoku games, we said hello to what we've been planning for the last 5 months. Below are key tour dates.  If we're coming to a town near you, give us a shout.  If not, no shame in being a Groupie - book a ticket and come meet us.


Part I: The Highway Vagabond Tour*

June 10-14 Normandy Coast

June 15-July 4 Ireland

July 5-July 12 France, by way of Switzerland

July 13-August 2 Italy

August 3-18 Croatia

August 19-22 Montenegro

August 23-September 2 South of France, by way of Bosnia


Part II: Planes, Trains and Automobiles**

September US/Canada

October 3-November 6 Spain

November 9-12 Singapore

November 13-December 9 Thailand

December 10-January 3 Australia

January 4-February 4 New Zealand

February 5-March 2 Vietnam 

March 3-8 Cambodia


Part III: Parts Unknown*** 

March 9-April South East Asia

April-May Japan

June-July Thailand

July Korea

August Africa

September-October US/Canada (discovering and re-discovering our own home countries)


*Apparently, this is the name of Miranda Lambert's 2017 tour.  Do we have to pay royalties to use this?  If so... Miranda Lambert, please don't sue us.  We have no money. We just spent it all on this trip. 

**John Hughes and Paramount Pictures, please see above. 

***This stays.  An homage to Anthony Bourdain, who was curious, daring and hungry (in more ways than one)... the perfect traveler. RIP.  



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