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We started this blog for our family and friends to follow alongside  us on our journey, but for those who've stumbled across this page... Hello!                                                       


We're Graham and Jane and our story goes something like this:

We met in NYC and quickly fell in love with each other, but simultaneously fell out of love with our respective careers. For so many reasons and at the same time for no reason at all, asking ourselves "why not?", we decided to take off for 18 months to explore this beautiful world and the people who live in it.

Thanks for moving along with us on this journey, through what is planned and all the unplanned that is sure to come.  Welcome to our great affair!

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July 26, 2018

This was the most amount of driving we have done so far on the trip.  We left Belfast on a ferry to Liverpool and then spent the day driving across the UK with the hopes of seeing the White Cliffs of Dover.  Unfortunately, we ran into our first rainy day of the trip and didn't end up going to see them.  We then caught a ferry at 4 in the morning and made our way to Dunkirk.  Our end goal was Interlaken, Switzerland with short stops in Brussels, Luxembourg and to have lunch with a former boss of mine just outside of Zurich.  


Our brief stop in Brussels was mainly for waffles.  They have so many selections Jane found it very hard to decide.  We enjoyed them but weren't "wowed" by them.  We made our way to the Grand Place, Brussel's most memorable landmark, and took in the sights.  We strolled through the city for a couple hours and then made our way onto Switzerland.  





The long drive was definitely worth it when we pulled into Interlaken.  Our Airbnb had great views of Jungfrau, known as "the top of Europe".  With 2 nights in Interlaken, we had to make the most of of our time there.  We opted against paying the $225 each to take the train up to the top and instead chose to hike 2.5 hours up Harder Kulm, known as "the top of Interlaken".  We were clearly not in hiking shape but we made it up and enjoyed great views of the town below.  We both agreed on taking the funicular down the mountain.  After our hike we took a train to Murren.  Murren is picturesque tourist town with a population of 450 and over 2,000 hotel beds.  The views did not disappoint.










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